Our t/c will be simple so everyone can understand    

Our websites software use cookies to operate which enable us to know when a user is log in or sign out

Your information
Your information are used  to process your request,you have the right to download or request for your information

1.We have the right to ban any ip-address that act or is a threat to our service or our partners
2.we act on all reported profile or transaction
3.any member with intent to use our service for fraud will be ban
4.we have the right to remove any user that induce threat to our service or our partner


Use of service

You can use our service for free  all your information belong to you

your info is fully encrypted with 235bit of encryption

You have total control over everything

We will never sell your data to third parties,such as for advertisment 

ALL transactions are fully monitored 

This T/C can change anytime


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