Financial Mediator

Our technology provides an adequate solutions which enable us to build an institution that works as an intermediaries with several banks,brokers globally,Fint pay is risk free and everything happens within a blinks of eye.

Piggy Save

Your Savings,Your Future

Fint pay will help you reach your goals with our piggy save feature you can save up for your rent or an upcoming event on top of that your savings earn 5.3% every month ,Your money is always safe and it our number one priority to keep your data and your money safe .


Our Support And Love For several Cryptocurrency

Fint pay allows you to withdraw your fund via several cryptocurrency, A decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer network,Transactions are verified by a node called blockchain

Our services

Our capabilities

Asset Control

As a intermediary finance company we provide an asset management option to all our client seeking it either in united states or nigeria

Wealth Analysis

fintpay offers high net worth and affluent individuals around the world a complete range of tailored advice and investment services. Our spectrum ranges from investment management to estate planning and corporate finance advice

Savings Advice

We offer a savings advice for all client using our platform,We give advice on how to earn and save with us

Frequent question

Save and Earn Towards Your Future then Achieve Your Goals

Get into the digital world of fintpay and get things done in the old way .

Discover More

Fintpay is a secure online platform where you can send money to friends and family 

Yes,you can send money to Anyone outside fintpay using International bank transfer form

Accounts become dormant after 6 months of inactivity

Your Balance is in the dashboard page.

Your Data and account is highly secured

We are intermediaries,we work with several banks organisations such as citi bank,chase infact when we first started we reach out to more than 156  banks and finacial organizations  worldwide

Know What Best For Your Business

Send mass payment of wire transfer to your friends,family employee oversea and you don't ever need to stress your self or visit a bank,feel the old days of moving money


What Our User,Client And Partners Says

Fintpay gives you everything you ever need for moving money and sending money in a legal way,you can send an international wire transfer to anyone with just a click of button and with-out even going to bank and filling out bunch of paper-work


harris jude

Forex trader

International wire transfer that normally takes 6 days to a week to be successful with my bank get done by fintpay within 48hours,I will recommend fintpay to everyone


John milton

Business Man

I use fintpay personally to manage my finance so far so good




Wont Complain fintpay is still the best in transferring money oversea


stephen aguro

Web developer

Our company make use of fintpay to save and payout employee overseas and other contractor, working with them is really great